5 MINUTES with Lauren Brant

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We think former High 5 star Lauren Brant is a bit of a wonder woman. The gorgeous Aussie TV personality only gave birth to cutie Miller 5 months ago, but she’s already competed in a triathlon! We sat down with this fab mummy to quiz her all about her fitness and motivation. Follow @LaurenBrant to see more of Lauren, Miller and partner, AFL star Barry Hall.

Since giving birth to your gorgeous little boy Miller 5 months ago, you’ve already competed in a triathlon! How do you stay motivated to keep fit with a little one to look after?
Health and wellbeing is a huge part of my lifestyle. The benefits you get from exercise and a healthy diet are priceless. Knowing this means that not looking after myself, is not an option. I set goals, like competing in a triathlon, to keep me motivated on those days where I'm feeling lazy. You can always find time to do the important things.

How did you keep fit during your pregnancy?
I was quite fit heading into my pregnancy and as I got further in, I decreased the intensity, movements and weight. I found pilates very beneficial as well as walking and light stable gym work. Plus I made sure I ate a wide range of foods to get all the different nutrients.

Did you enjoy being pregnant?
While I was pregnant, I wasn't sure how I felt. I loved knowing that I was having a baby, but I did feel like my body had been hijacked and I had no control over it. As it was my first pregnancy, I think I was a bit scared of the unknown and questioned if everything was ok. If I am lucky enough to fall pregnant again, I think I will really enjoy the process a lot more as I'll know what to expect.

Tell us about your postpartum exercise routine...
For 6 weeks I did nothing. Then I did a 6 week course with a personal trainer who specialises in post natal training - Sarah Male from The Mummy Trainer. She taught me so much I didn't know about my body and made me really appreciate what my body had done in growing and delivering a baby. We concentrated on healing and strengthening for 6 weeks. Now I am back into my full fitness regime. I highly recommend doing a post natal course, Sarah has one online.

Are there any accounts you follow for fitness inspiration?
I follow Libby Babet (@libbybabet) and The Mummy Trainer (@the.mummy.trainer), plus a lot of my friends are fit and healthy.

As a mum to a five-month-old, you’re no doubt an expert in newborn essentials. Other than sleep, what should every expecting mum stock up on?
I have wipes, sanitiser and bottled water in every room. Oh and in Miller’s case, lots and lots of bibs. He is a drooler!

Written by Nikki Clarke.


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