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Cadenshae are the global leaders in maternity activewear for pregnant and nursing moms. 

Our product range is vast and includes over 10 nursing sports bras especially designed to provide support, comfort, style and of course practicality when it comes to breastfeeding a baby. Cadenshae’s extensive selection of maternity sports bras ensures all women, no matter their shape or size are catered to. From those with A cups through to those with J cups (just FYI - we’re one of the only maternity activewear companies on earth with bras supporting J cups). Our mission is to dress every type of woman no matter her size...something we feel extremely passionate about, as every mom/woman deserves to not only look her best, but feel her best too - always.

When we launched In 2015, all we had was nursing sports bras, but now we can kit a woman out from head to toe! Our product carousel includes breastfeeding hoodies, long-sleeve nursing tops, breastfeeding t-shirts, nursing tanks, maternity leggings, postpartum leggings, maternity shorts, postpartum shorts, underwear, socks and so much more! We even have swaddles and onesies for little ones and most recently expanded to include a collection of maternity and nursing swimwear too! We’re constantly evolving as we listen intently to our loyal customers.

Cadenshae uses the highest quality fabrics (many sustainable!) meaning our products not only do what we intend them to in regards to support and comfort, but they stand the test of time - retaining their quality long after a mom has finished nursing her baby. With our LVL range we can also dress women who’ve never been pregnant, or they’ve completed their family and have finished breastfeeding. The same top quality products...just without the breastfeeding functionalities.

Also, our nursing sports bras, maternity leggings and shorts have all been medically endorsed by highly respected medical practitioners from around the globe. Our breastfeeding bras can reduce the likelihood of mastitis and our maternity tights and shorts provide a whole other level of support for a growing and retracting belly. Cadenshae’s Classic Maternity Leggings are famous for supporting the ligaments and muscles in the stomach, back, hips and thighs so women feel less discomfort throughout their pregnancy and particularly the first few weeks postpartum. Our Classic Maternity Tights are renowned for easing the symptoms of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) too, ​an extremely painful condition occurring when the baby’s weight puts too much pressure on the pelvis, causing inflammation in the symphysis pubis joint. This can then put the pelvis out of line and be so incredibly painful it can feel like the pelvis is snapping, particularly when walking. 

Cadenshae is all a mom-to-be, long-time mom, or just any woman needs when it comes to activewear - but at the same time, our gear is perfect for just lounging around the house or grabbing a coffee in! Most of our products can be dressed up so you can wear Cadenshae to work or out for dinner as well! We’ve purposefully made our clothing extremely versatile, and therefore far kinder to your bank balance!

At Cadenshae, we keep women supported and comfortable for life. With Cadenshae on your side - you’ve totally got this.


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