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Stylish postpartum leggings specifically designed to support the healing body after birth, and as it returns to exercise.

At Cadenshae, we aim to set trends when it comes to maternity activewear. We’re constantly reaching out to our loyal clientele to learn more about their specific needs and wants when it comes to pregnancy gym gear, maternity activewear and postpartum leisurewear.

Our vast range of postpartum tights have been especially designed to cater to women who’ve just delivered (naturally, or via c-section), and are on the lookout for beautiful, comfortable clothing to not only help with their recovery, but go on to support them as they make their way back into an exercise routine.

In saying this though, our postnatal tights are also perfect for pregnancy. During the first trimester when the belly is smaller, Cadenshae’s postpartum compression tights (like our Cruiser Tights) allow for growth and will support an expanding tummy with ease. These postpartum recovery leggings are also ideal for those of us who prefer an underbelly waistband during the latter stages of pregnancy.

However, many women prefer a waistband that sits over the belly (like our Classic Maternity Leggings). These, along with the High-Waisted Maternity Bike Shorts and the Maternity Running Shorts - are ideal throughout both pregnancy and postpartum as their waistbands can be placed over the belly, or folded down underneath - depending on personal preference and where a woman is at in her pregnancy/postpartum journey.

We’ve carefully listened and thought of ways to provide for all the needs and wants of expecting and new moms across the globe. We’re pretty sure we’ve got something for everyone and hey, if we don’t...let us know and you might just be the inspiration behind a whole new product!

With Cadenshae, you’ve totally got this.

Why choose postpartum leggings from Cadenshae?

There’s so many reasons as to why one should purchase a pair of postpartum tights or postnatal shorts from Cadenshae, here’s just a few:

  1. Our vast collection of postnatal leggings and postpartum shorts have been created with expecting and new moms in mind. The fabrics we use are of the highest quality, the leggings themselves allow for growth (and retraction), they’re extremely comfortable and of course offer the extra support needed postpartum.
  2. They’ll support you straight after giving birth, but also as you slowly move back into exercise...and later on when you’re smashing out 10km runs, weight sessions, bike rides, CrossFit or whatever it is you’re into as an active mom!
  3. The beauty of these postnatal leggings is that they’re not only perfect for postpartum, but they’re great for pregnancy also.
  4. We have a range of styles and colors to suit every mom's individual preferences.

What’s the difference between maternity leggings and postpartum leggings?

Maternity leggings (like our Classic Maternity Leggings) are generally designed to support the growing belly and its surrounding ligaments and muscles during pregnancy. Often maternity leggings will feature a very high waistband that covers most of the tummy. Some will also ensure the waistband can be folded down under the belly for women who prefer that option and to assist in postpartum recovery.

Postpartum leggings (like our Cruiser Tights) are designed with a brand new mom in mind, so often the waistband will be high, but it won’t cover the whole belly like maternity leggings do, as they’re designed to support the retracting lower half of belly after birth. They’re also slightly more supportive during postnatal exercise than maternity leggings. However, the beauty of postpartum tights is they can be worn easily in the first and sometimes second trimesters by pregnant women, and throughout the entire pregnancy for those who like the waistband to sit under the belly.

How do postnatal compression tights work?

Postnatal leggings are designed to provide support first and foremost, offer light compression and of course comfort for women during part (or all) of their pregnancy, but especially postpartum.

  • Light compression to the legs, hips and lower back to help with postpartum recovery.
  • Support under the belly, alleviating the pressure on the pelvis as the belly retracts.
  • Postnatal leggings assist in keeping weight in the right spots to help your body back into natural alignment after birth.
  • Ultimately, postnatal compression tights offer you with the comfort and support you need to get out and about and exercise during and after pregnancy.

What is the benefit of a lower waistband in postnatal tights than traditional maternity leggings with a higher waistband?

  1. A lower waistband is designed to specifically support a retracting postpartum belly.
  2. Postnatal tights can still be worn in pregnancy, especially in the first and perhaps second trimesters, and definitely for women who prefer a waistband that goes under the belly.
  3. Postnatal tights with its lower waistband look more like ‘normal’ sports leggings than maternity tights.
  4. The lower waistband ensures women don’t get as hot.
  5. There is less restriction compared to some ‘over-the-bump’ maternity leggings.
  6. For women with sensitive skin, higher waistbands can irritate the belly, especially during exercise when they’re hot and sweating. Postnatal tights avoid this issue.


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