Moderate Support Nursing Bras


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Browse through our great range of nursing bras that provide moderate support and supreme comfort.

We all enjoy different forms and intensities of exercise, therefore the level of support we need from a nursing bra varies greatly as well. Now you can shop for nursing bras by the level of support you require in a bra when you are pregnant or breastfeeding. For mothers that like to keep up with their exercise during pregnancy and breastfeeding, we have put together a collection of nursing bras that provide moderate support and great comfort to help make your decision easier.

Why choose a nursing bra that provides moderate support from Cadenshae?

  • Moderate support for everyday wear and exercise.
  • Perfect nursing bras for medium impact exercise.
  • Ideal for brisk walking, light jogging and cycling.
  • Designed for moms of all types.
  • Moderate support styles to provide you with what you need.
  • Adjustable support to get that little bit extra when you need it.

Find the nursing bra that's best for your medium-impact workout so you can exercise with confidence and enthusiasm as a happy and healthy mom!