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We have a great range of stylish maternity sports bras for any activity.

From pregnancy to breastfeeding our maternity sports bras will keep you feeling comfortable and supported while exercising. For mothers that want to stay fit and active, say goodbye to attempting to feed through a normal sports bra or wearing old maternity bras that provide very little support and making do with a crop over top.

Why choose a maternity sports bra from Cadenshae?

Our maternity sports bras are specially designed for your changing body through pregnancy and feeding. All of them have clips that enable the front panel to fold down so you can easily breastfeed whenever or wherever you need to. We all have different shaped bodies and lead different lives, that’s exactly why we have a wide range of maternity sports bras to accommodate the different intensities in every mom’s lifestyle. Inside our extensive range, you will find something for your own unique needs.

  • Assorted size and type of straps.
  • Fashionable designs and prints unique to Cadenshae.
  • Padding to provide extra comfort, support and to prevent leaks.
  • Ability to be adjusted depending on how much support you want.
  • Fabrics used to construct our maternity sports bras for use in summer, winter, swimming or sleeping and more.
  • Various support structures and molding around the bust to accommodate different workout requirements and lifestyles as a mother.
  • Wireless maternity sports bras.

Whether it’s high impact, low impact or everyday activities as a mom, Cadenshae has you covered.