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 Revolutionary maternity leggings for the ultimate comfort and support during pregnancy and postpartum.

Comfort and support are the most important elements when it comes to maternity leggings. All of our pregnancy leggings have been specially designed to allow for the growth of the bump and belly while providing absolute support and comfort. Featuring a high waistband that can be worn during pregnancy, or folded down for extra support postpartum.

Why choose maternity leggings from Cadenshae?

We all experience different problems and disorders while we're pregnant, but some of them are the same, such as; pelvic pain, swelling, stiff hips and the added strain on the lower back. Therefore, finding the right maternity leggings to help relieve and minimise these types of symptoms is essential for comfort during and after pregnancy. Our specially designed maternity leggings have been constructed to support you in all the right places. By keeping the weight off your pelvis and reducing the pressure on your muscles and ligaments around the bottom half of your body that is growing so much!

  • Sizes come in XS to 3XL.
  • Constructed with nylon spandex.
  • Available in ¾ length and full length.
  • Premium non-see-through fabric, even when stretched.
  • Flattering shape, providing the optimal amount of stretch for give all-day comfort.
  • Great for any workout, yoga, running or general exercise during and after pregnancy.
  • Long supportive compression panel at the top of the leggings to relieve discomfort in the pelvic region and minimise SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction).
  • Versatility to accommodate your own personal preference. Our long supportive compression panel around the waist can be folded over to offer a double layer of support under the belly, or it can be pulled up and over the bump, to provide coverage of the whole tummy.
  • Retractable stretch so they don’t lose shape after you give birth.
  • Post pregnancy they provide support, holding your tummy in as you recover and your abdominals heal. Simply fold the compression panel down to achieve your desired layer of support post-baby to help with recovery of abdominal separation.
  • The way the waist scoops low makes them perfect leggings for c-section scars because the seam doesn’t sit on the scar and aggravate it. So many of our moms that have had a c-section comment that our leggings are the only maternity pants that they could wear post-baby.

These maternity leggings are an absolute must-have for any mom or mom-to-be.

Maternity Leggings FAQs.

Did you know that 66% of moms prefer pregnancy leggings that go over the bump, while 9% prefer pregnancy leggings that go under the bump, and 25% prefer leggings that can do both! It is well known that a pair of cute and comfortable pregnancy leggings are the staple of every maternity wardrobe, but do you still have some unanswered questions about them?

1. How do maternity leggings work?

Maternity leggings are designed to provide comfort first and foremost, light compression and support for women during pregnancy and postpartum.

  • Light compression to the legs, hips - and if they are over the bump leggings - the belly and lower back as well.
  • Support under the belly - if they are over the bump leggings - to take some weight off your hips and pelvis, alleviating the pressure on the pelvis.
  • Over the bump leggings help assist in keeping your weight in the right spots to put your body back into natural alignment.
  • Ultimately, leggings provide you with the comfort to get out and about and exercise during and after pregnancy.

2. What type of maternity leggings are the most popular?

We asked 248 moms what type of leggings they preferred and why. These are the results.

  • 164 preferred maternity leggings that go over the bump.
  •  63 preferred maternity leggings that go over and under the bump.
  •  21 preferred maternity leggings that go under the bump.

The most common reasons why 66% of moms prefer over the belly leggings are:

  • They don’t slip down.
  • They are more flattering.
  • They are more comfortable.
  • They provide more coverage.
  • They provide more support.
  • They are better to exercise in.
  • They don’t irritate a c-section wound/scar.
  • They stretch better throughout pregnancy.

When you are pregnant and wear normal leggings they can cut in and can get really uncomfortable. With over the belly leggings, they have one big panel that fits over your belly and stay up the whole time. You're not going to get to a certain point where they are too tight or start cutting in because they are designed to go all the way up and over your belly, right up to nine months.

The most common reasons why 25% of moms prefer leggings that have both options are:

  • So they can wear them under the bump in early pregnancy, then over the bump later in pregnancy.
  • So they can wear them over the bump in winter and under the bump in summer.
  • Every day is different so it’s good to have both options.
  • They like to wear them over or under the bump depending on what kind of exercise they’re doing.

The most common reasons why 9% of moms prefer under the belly leggings are:

  • Over the bump leggings irritate their belly.
  • Over the bump leggings are too hot.
  • Over the bump leggings are too restricting.

3. How to wear leggings pre-pregnancy?

Pre-pregnancy a normal pair of leggings or tights that come up to your waistline is all that is required. It’s not until during or after-baby that most moms like to wear high-panel leggings to cover their tummy.

“Before baby, I like any leggings that go under my tummy, but then during and after-baby, it's like, get the high-rise ones. You need the high leggings to cover your tummy.”

4. How to wear leggings during pregnancy?

Generally speaking, there are two types of leggings for pregnancy. There are leggings that sit under the bump, and leggings that go over the bump.

  • Over-the-bump leggings have a light compression panel above the waistline that stretches and pulls up over the bump.
  • Under-the-bump leggings have a 'v' at the front of the waistline so the bump can sit in the middle.

With over the bump leggings when the compression panel is folded over (doubling the layer) and you wear it under the belly, they give you even more bump support so the weight of your organs and bump isn't sitting on top of your hips as much.

5. Do under the bump leggings fall down when you are pregnant?

Under the belly pregnancy leggings are designed to be quite loose and can fall down easily once you reach the second trimester, especially if you are an active mom. Since they don't have a fitted panel to come up and over there is no support at the top and if you're active and moving a lot, because they don't have a firm band underneath, then they fall down really easily.

6. How do you wear a pregnancy belly band?

Some pregnant women like to buy, 'belly bands' to wear around their middle (over their bump) underneath their clothes. It simply looks like a t-shirt or similar underneath your clothes. All you do is slide the belly band on over the bottoms/pants you're wearing and under any top layers you have on to cover your bump.

Whereas over the belly leggings already have the belly band attached to the leggings as a panel above the waist. Because the band is long on over the bump leggings, it can be folded over during pregnancy to really provide support like a belly band, then after-baby, fold it down to help push your tummy in and support it. However, it all comes down to your own personal preference.

7. What to consider when buying leggings for pregnancy?

  • The design of the seam lines - with some leggings the lines are sharp, or straight, whereas leggings that curve around the bum helps to shape it and accentuate the curves of your body.
  • Are they firm enough that they're going to apply a little bit of compression, but not too much when you're in the third trimester?
  • Look for quality so that as you grow and your leggings stretch they don’t become see-through.
  • Consider leggings that provide some support to take a little of the load off your pelvis.

Additional tip: If you don't like things firm around your belly, consider a size up in over the belly leggings, if you want them for pregnancy.

8. How to wear leggings postpartum?

For post-pregnancy, you want good quality, over the belly pregnancy leggings that maintain their stretch so once you have had the baby, the leggings continue to keep their shape, providing the right amount of comfort and support to hold your tummy in.

Folding the over the belly panel down provides a layer of support post-baby to help you with the recovery of abdominal separation. This extra layer helps to keep your tummy in place after the baby.

9. How to wear leggings after a c-section?

Wearing pregnancy leggings after a c section is almost impossible, ALMOST!

One of the big benefits of the Cadenshae pregnancy leggings in particular, is the way the compression panel scoops low at the front to provide the ultimate in comfort for any c-section scars. If you have had a c-section you don’t want to wear any clothing with seams that sit on the scar, simply because they will irritate you. We've had customers regularly commenting that our leggings are the only pants they could wear post-baby after a c-section because of the way the seam cuts down and doesn't aggravate or irritate the scar.


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