Breastfeeding Sports Bra - Smoothie Crop


Cup Size

A - C
A - D
B - C
C - E
D - G
E - F
E - G
H - J

Band Size

XS / 8
S / 10
M / 12
L / 14
XL+ / 16-20



This super soft breastfeeding sports bra is an absolute essential for any pregnant or breastfeeding mom.

Amazingly soft silky fabric and a supportive fit to make it comfortable enough to wear while you sleep, yet supportive enough to use as a breastfeeding sports bra for low to moderate impact exercise. Quick drop-down cups allow for easy breastfeeding, with adjustable straps that cater for variations in bust size and the different levels of support needed. Available in our very own, custom designed print, this awesome pullover breastfeeding bra will quickly become a staple of your maternity wardrobe.

Why choose the Smoothie Crop breastfeeding sports bra?

  • Suitable for an A cup right through to an E or F cup.
  • The Smoothie Crop doesn't have separate cups, it goes on a like a crop top and doesn't have the bra connection at the back with the hook and eye.
  • It's made with a funky pattern on it which we custom made and is unique to Cadenshae only so you won’t find it anywhere else.
  • It’s an easy breastfeeding bra to wear all day and it's supportive enough for low impact activities.
  • You can swim in the Smoothie Crop because its made with special moisture-wicking fabric, which also makes it cool for summer and the perfect maternity bra for swimming.
  • It's got removable pads too, so you can take the pads out if you choose to.
  • It doesn't look like a full on bra when you're wearing it because it doesn't have the hook and eye at the back making it a very stylish and fashionable pullover maternity bra.
  • The way it is structured it can accommodate a wide range of breast sizes. The way the crop is designed, it can fit you well if you've got small breasts or can also accommodate a  bigger bust comfortably.
  • Fantastic sweat-wicking bra perfect to wear in hot weather.
  • The Smoothie Crop is also a favorite to wear for water births.
  • Wireless breastfeeding sports bra.
Enjoy the superior fabric, hi-tech construction and flexibility that the Smoothie Crop breastfeeding sports bra offers moms all across the world.



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